SAMsung ofer

Samsung Team - Your company offer includes

March membership for you and your household.

Access the Fit Well Winter Library

At our agreed Corporate Gift Rate of £25 pm (50% reduction)

Enjoy the following content

1. Bite Size - On Demand workouts 15-20 mins (recording library)

ideal for break times e.g. upper body, lower body, centre strength, backs/necks, hips hamstrings

2. Live workouts – lunchbreak, mornings, or evening

(strength & mobility classes, 30 & 45 mins PT, Hiit, Strenhth Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Circuits, Barre, Dance)


3. Recording Library – Select classes from beginners to athletic dynamic/ challenging


4. Sports Conditioning –  Classes for specific sports, cycling, golf, running, football, rugby, walking.

5. Backcare Collection – Classes & resources launch in March


In addition:

  1. Request content creation – we can create content so please do make requests

  2. Request personalised bespoke Classes - at 50% gift rate

  3. Request a weekly team class (lunchtime or recording for after work) 50% applies


•07967 659225

•Facebook: @fitwellatthegreenspace


•Insta: @fitwellbylaura

Once purchased, you will receive access details via email