Schedule for jan 2021

As we operate in unprecedented times, under restrictions that prevent us from exercising and socialising in person, the teachers of Fit Well have created a brilliant plan to offer you a huge variety of classes to choose from, to keep you moving in Jan. We have morning, evening and weekend options, either live or on demand.

We have thought long and hard about making it convenient for you whilst offering great value, and have pulled together the following packages:

To find out more about what you get in each package, click the links to view the details.

jan live zoom package

£40 for 4 weeks (prorated throughout the month, so you can opt for this package at any point and get great value)

jan on-demand package

£40 for 4 weeks (prorated)

bespoke classes

£20 per class - Designed specifically for your needs

These new packages will initially run from Sat 9th Jan - Sat 6th Feb and on-demand content will be accessible throughout this period.

For those of you who prefer the flexibility to drop in to classes to suit your schedule, all of our Zoom classes are available for booking individually, the full schedule and booking links are below.


08.00 Pilates with Zoe LIVE

12.00 Fast Paced - strength & cardio with Beth LIVE

18.30 Pilates with Zoe LIVE


07.30 Stretch Class with Lianne LIVE

10.00 Pilates with Laura LIVE

12.00 Reformer Pilates at Home with Laura LIVE (for those with their own Reformers)

20.00 Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Carolyn LIVE


16.45 Blast of cardio & strength with Beth LIVE 

19.00 Pilates with Sarah LIVE

20.00 Reformer at Home with Sarah LIVE (for those with their own Reformers)


08.00 Pilates with Zoe LIVE

09.30 Pilates for Beginners LIVE

11.00 Postnatal Pilates with Laura LIVE

12.00 Lunchbreak Pilates Blast with Laura LIVE

13.00 Reformer Pilates at Home with Laura LIVE (for those with their own Reformers)

18.30 Pilates with Zoe LIVE

19.15 Barre with Lianne LIVE

20.15 Flow to Nidra with Carolyn LIVE


09.30 Ballet Bums with Lianne LIVE

10.30 Popdance with Lianne LIVE


11.00 Pregnancy Wellbeing LIVE 

12.30 Pregnancy Reformer at Home LIVE (for those with their own Reformers)


To book the classes below contact

Bounce Back Exercise = Online group exercise classes for people with clinical conditions including cancer, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. 


Classes are designed to address disease symptoms and side effects including fatigue, muscle weakness, coordination and balance as well as improve overall health and fitness.



14:00 Seated Fitness 

A seated workout to designed to improve your muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.


10:00 Cancer Movement & Mobility

A workout designed specifically for people with cancer. Includes seated options. 



MS Movement & Mobility A workout designed specifically for people with multiple sclerosis. Includes seated options. 



PD movement & Mobility A workout designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s disease. Includes seated options.


12:00 Strong and Balanced

A 45-minute low impact strength workout designed to combat muscle weakness and improve your strength and balance. Includes seated alternatives

Where we are

We are proud to be at the heart of our local community in Croxley Green. Fit Well shares The Green Space with the zero waste shop The Green Stores.


Parking is easy - two spaces out the front and a back entrance with Community Way Car Park. There is footpath running adjacent to our building - we welcome bikes and pushchairs!

FitWell by Laura, The Green Space, 125 New Road, Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, WD3