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About Laura

Laura has always had a passion for fitness and wellness. It began in her childhood when she was a gymnast competing at a national level. As an adult she discovered Pilates & Yoga helped her cope with the symptoms of anxiety and work related stress of a corporate career. She appreciated first-hand the benefit of combining mind health with physical activity.

During her first pregnancy Laura changed career to focus on Pregnancy & Postnatal fitness and wellness. She completed extensive training and gained various qualifications.


Once she had experienced first hand the transition from pregnancy, through childbirth, on to the postnatal period Laura realised exactly what was missing from the journey in terms of wellness and fitness. FitWell NATALwas created to help mums-to-be through the entire journey.


Laura has two children and has studied Baby Development, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. As part of her CPD she has gained a deep understanding of specialised topics such as C section recovery.


Laura felt very drawn to the benefits Reformer Pilates can provide, as it caters for all clients from very athletic to limited mobility.


Womens' Health has continued to be a key area of study for Laura.


As Laura’s own parents retired she spent time studying older adult conditions such as Arthritis, osteoporosis, joint challenges / replacements, Treatment Recovery etc.


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