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FitWell REFORMER Pilates Studio

When Laura discovered Reformer Pilates and the many benefjts of this method she established FitWell Reformer Studio, introducing this wonderful piece of equipment to Croxley Green. 


The huge repertoire of movements the reformer offers is incomparable, providing resistance and assistance as required, and makes it perfect for providing tailor-made workouts across a broad range of capabilities.


This is exactly the type of session Laura believes in and has chosen to focus her time teaching. To ensure progress and results a client needs to be treated as an individual. This is made possible with reformer equipment in a small group of similar needs. 


The Reformer has since become a favourite amongst Laura's clients of all levels, ages and stages.


Laura has 3 reformers, allowing her to offer private classes, duos or trios, making it affordable for all whilst ensuring a personalised workout.

Laura is passionate about keeping each session interesting and challenging, depending on the needs of the client.


Laura offers group 'Mat & complementary equipment' classes for all abilities, ranging from beginners to advanced.

Specialist classes are available for backcare, recovery & specific conditions/ailments, including chair based pilates and gentle Pilates for older adults. 


Pilates sessions have been created to complement specific sports including running, cyling, golf, football, rugby, martial arts etc

FitWell NATAL was born when Laura needed to adapt her own practise to support her through the postural and lifestyle transitions of pregnancy through to the postnatal period and beyond.

Laura studied pregnancy & postnatal Pilates and yoga in great depth and continues to do so. She also qualified to teach birth preparation/education. Since then Laura has practised teaching thousands of pre and postnatal clients, following evidence based research and writing her own courses and content. Laura is now training other instructors to offer a unique, multi disciplined class including:

  • The ideal Movement & exercise

  • Birth confidence and education

  • Mind preparation and relaxation


The Natal FitWell side of the collection was established in 2010.


Her training experience includes:

  • Antenatal Educator

  • Birth Preparation & Active Birth Teacher

  • Birth Hypnosis Relaxation & Meditation

  • Birth Mentor

  • Baby Development

  • Baby Massage Teacher

  • Baby Yoga Teacher

  • Pregnancy Postnatal Pilates & Yoga Teacher


To support pregnant clients on their journey Laura created the FitWell NATAL Collection, click here to join the NATAL community in the studio or online from home.


Laura has also created 'Train the Trainer' courses for other qualified instructors to incorporate birth confidence within their pregnancy classes. To learn more, visit the Train with us page.


Fitness & Wellness for body and mind during the postnatal period.


Laura created this course to support postnatal restorative exercise and the transition to life with a new born and beyond. 


This program is designed to help new mums progress through the postnatal phase safely and effectively with Restorative Pilates. Reacquainting, restoring & restrengthening.


For the babies Laura also teaches Baby Massage, Baby Pilates & Baby Yoga classes.


Laura is qualified to teach children at KS1 and KS2  and practises in her children's school. Using games and Key Stage appropriate communication to apply the Pilates principles.

Laura has recently been asked to represent Fitter Future as the Pilates Instructor for each Key Stage​.


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