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Reformer Booking

To join our Reformer classes:

  1. New clients contact to arrange an induction

  2. After the induction, your instructor will recommend a suitable class for you. Or you can choose a private solo/duo session.

  3.  To book your Reformer session, visit our our booking system

For pricing information please visit HERE.


Please note our Reformer Pilates Cancellation Policy

Reformer classes are planned and scheduled as bespoke groups. Please pre-plan your sessions around your holidays, so that remaining dates can be offered to others.

Once booked, the session will not be available to any one else, it is therefore discretionary if Fit Well can offer an alternative day or time if you miss your session. If availability does allow, the make up sessions needs to be within two weeks of the missed session. 

If a teacher has to cancel then a class credit will be issued for you to use at a time convenient within the same term.

our reformer teachers


Pilates Instructor

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