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All Prepared? A Useful List For Your Hospital Bag

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Hospital Bag

This list might be useful for some of you, just suggestions for when you’re packing your ‘hospital bag’.

What to pack for labour & birth

Your Labou

r Bag

Maternity Notes

Lightweight nightdress


Lightweight dressing gown

Cosy, comfy socks

Toilet bag


Mobile phone/Camera

Small amount of cash

Playlist/music player

Lighting (battery operated candles or other)

Relaxing fragrance – aromatherapy oils

A favourite pillow and/or blanket

Cool bag with snacks and drinks

Bendy straws/sippy bottle

Glucose tablets or honey sticks

A spare t-shirt for birth partner, shorts if using birthing pool

Your Postnatal Bag

2 x lightweight night dresses

Pj’s vest tops – front opening

2 x nursing bras and a packet of breast pads

Big pants x 6

Large sanitary pads

Hand wipes/antibacterial hand cleanser


Comfortable clothes for going home

Baby’s Bag

Newborn vests and babygrows x 4

Scratch mitts x 4

Muslin squares x 6

Baby car seat

Hat, cardigan, blanket for baby going home

Check with your local hospital if they supply nappies, cotton wool, towels, blankets etc or if you need to add them to your list above.

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