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Learn How To Relax

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Why Is The Art Of Relaxation Important?

Adrenalin knocks out your hormone balance which can influence the progress of your labour.

The fight or flight response to adrenaline prevents the flow of Oxytocin and your inbuilt pain relief and relaxant Endorphins.

When you’re anxious your body is very clever and often decides it is not a safe time to birth your baby hence progress can slow or stop.

Your breathing rate increases and your blood supply is diverted to vital organs and away from the uterus (your birthing muscles)

During pregnancy relaxation helps to control the amount of cortisol produced which is your stress hormone.

The first thing to change when you are anxious is breathing so by focusing on a structured breath pattern it can help you regain control and relax/calm your nervous system.

Oxygen is needed for muscle contractions and your contractions during labour are your uterus muscles contracting . A good controlled breath pattern can help prevent the build up of lactic acid and fatigue helping you remain more comfortable.

Active Birth techniques include mastering empowering breath patterns so they compliment birth and help you learn the art of relaxation.

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