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Why Is Pilates Great For Runners?

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Why runners should do Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is often considered the same as yoga but they actually have very different principles and styles.

Yoga is a centuries old linked to spirituality. Pilates is a mind & body technique created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s.

The repertoire of exercises and various modifications improve core stability and encourage optimal posture. Matwork small equipment or larger equipment classes are available such as the Reformer.

Why should runners do Pilates?

Core stability and alignment is essential for good running technique and to help avoid injury. Some times even slight twists and torsion throughout our body can create imbalances which can go on to create problems with the competitive running of action.

Even small adjustments in your alignment & posture can make a huge difference.

What’s the difference between matwork and Reformer?

Matwork can be done without any equipment or with small items to make it more challenging (such as bands and balls.

Reformer classes use Reformers equipment . These provide resistance and give a framework to work in.

What are the benefits of both?

Reformers, provide a closed chain workout. Providing the ability to really work on focus areas such as correcting hip, knee and ankle alignment or improving tracking of the knee.

Often runners and particularly post natal runners have knee problems, Pilates can help focus on the vastus medialis obliquus, one of your quadriceps. Runners very often have strong quads but this stabilising muscle is often weak. The Reformer jump is particularly good for improving your running alignment & technique.

Matwork can be done anywhere, where ever you run. The exercises work your body through all planes of movement to encourage optimal alignment & stability.

A combination of Matwork and Reformer training is the ideal compliment to any runners regime.

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